Cabinets in Georgia: Century Cabinet’s Streamlined Construction Processes

Century Cabinets builders makes a streamlined construction process for businesses such as salons

Efficiency is key to the successful completion of construction projects, especially for professional builders. That is why working with a reliable construction partner is crucial. At Century Cabinets, it is our mission to deliver high-quality cabinet solutions in a timely manner.

Our team of dedicated experts recently completed a project in Georgia where we transformed a historic downtown storefront into a modern beauty salon. This build is demonstrative of the streamlined construction processes and optimized operations we implement to ensure we provide professional builders with the focused cabinet solutions they need.

Cabinets in Georgia: The Transformation of a Historic Building

Our team was contacted to transform a century-old brick storefront in Locust Grove, Georgia, into a remarkable beauty salon. After consulting with the builder on the project, we determined the goal for this build was to carefully craft and design cabinets that preserved the building’s original character while adding a touch of modern design and enhancing the storage areas of the space.


The Design Vision

The aesthetic vision for this project was clear – combine old charm elegance with enhanced functionality. To achieve this, we focused on several key design elements.

1. Tongue and Groove Ceiling Strips in Matte Black: The ceiling was the perfect canvas for creative expression. We painted tongue and groove ceiling strips in a stylish matte black to provide a striking contrast with the white cabinets.

2. Licorice and White Cabinetry: The kitchen and shampoo stalls of the beauty salon were adorned in tasteful Licorice and White color schemes. This dynamic and eye-catching combination helped to enhance the existing character of the space.

3. Brushed Brass Bar Pulls: We added brushed brass bar pulls to the cabinets, which helped improve the design aesthetic by adding a touch of sophistication. These pulls were 7 inches in length and made a noticeable difference in the overall appearance of the cabinets.

4. Smart Pantry Solutions: Creating a well-organized and functional space requires efficient storage solutions. To achieve this, we stacked seven pantry cabinets together dedicated to the storage of the salon’s hair supplies. This space-saving solution both maximized vertical space and provided ample storage capacity, keeping all the salon’s hair supplies well-organized and easily accessible.

5. Traditional Crown Molding: Incorporating traditional 3″ crown molding added a refined elegance to the cabinets. Beyond its aesthetic value, the soft-close doors and drawers enhanced the overall functionality and sophistication of the beauty salon.

6. The Result: Utilizing our efficient processes and specialized skills, we installed approximately 55 cabinets throughout the kitchen and working spaces of the beauty salon. This resulted in the creation of a beautifully renovated space that seamlessly blended the charm and history of the old storefront with the convenience and aesthetic appeal of a modern design.

Our team completed this project timeline in five weeks, from quoting to getting installation approval. The result of this project is a perfect example of how we implement our nimble construction process and focused cabinet solutions to design functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Receive Solutions for Cabinets in Georgia with Century Cabinets

At Century Cabinets, we understand the challenges and demands required of large construction projects. That is why we implement streamlined processes and optimized operations that ensure timely deliveries and cost-effective solutions. By consistently providing first-class cabinetry services, we have become the preferred partner for professional builders in the Peach State and beyond.

Explore more of our cabinet solutions by working with our team of innovative experts. Contact us today for a smoother construction experience and discover how we can elevate your projects with our top-tier cabinetry options.


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