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Cabinet Finishes Offered by Century Cabinets

Cabinets have come a long way. Homeowners now use cabinets as furniture pieces, as well as to provide accent to the home through color or design. Century Cabinets offers focused cabinetry selections to allow homebuilders to choose cabinets that work best for the homes they are building and the homebuyers they sell to.

Kitchen cabinets, as well as bathroom cabinets and cabinets that serve other spaces, are an important part to any home or establishment. They serve to provide storage, as well as to give workspace through the cabinet countertops. But, also just as important, they add beauty to the home.

Century Cabinets is proud to have an in-house finishing operation. Our team consists of industry experts that bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring our customers always get high quality finishes on their cabinet orders. This also gives Century Cabinets the ability to be nimble and responsive to the market and overall cabinet trends. As trends change, we can adapt more quickly than other cabinet manufacturers and suppliers.

We have partnered with Sherwin Williams to offer our builder customers a variety of color choices that are preferred for modern home cabinets. Our focused finishes range from our custom Century White to a Dark Licorice to trending colors from Sherwin Williams, including Gale Force and Urbane Bronze. No matter the room, we have a color that will complement and highlight each space.

Our Century White is a custom color perfected by our in-house team. It is also our most highly requested color from customers. What makes white the ideal choice for kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets? They are timeless and extremely versatile. White offers a blank canvas to complement with other accent colors throughout the space. Another reason many builders choose our Century White color for their cabinet packages – they make spaces appear to be larger.

We also offer our custom Century Gray color, which is also one our more preferred colors due to its versatility. Gray is a timeless color and will never go out of style. It also can be used in several different rooms and portray a super modern look or give off a vintage vibe.

Century’s custom Licorice finish is dark and dreamy. Quickly becoming a popular order from builders, Licorice brings warmth and elegance to the kitchen or any other space you choose. Always a classic look, the Licorice cabinet can be paired with softer colors to create a beautiful and upscale room.

Through our partnership with Sherwin Williams, we also provide to our customers a selection of other trending colors for cabinets. These colors are Urbane Bronze, Gale Force, Sprout, and Chatroom. Choose one of these colors for a whole room of cabinets, or choose one for an accented piece, such as a kitchen island. Accenting the kitchen island a different color from your main cabinets is a great way to create a focal point that complements not just the kitchen but the entire room.

Blue is becoming a very popular choice for bathrooms. Gale Force is a color that will help the bathroom vanity cabinets standout. Create style and function with Gale Force cabinets and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room.

Urbane Bronze is a velvety and smooth dark gray with brown undertones. This color applied to media room cabinets or office cabinets is an ideal choice. Create a luxurious and moody space with this gorgeous and modern color.

Ready to partner with Century Cabinets? Contact us today to learn about our capabilities, process, and more.

Proud Partners

We offer our builder customers a variety of color choices through Sherwin Williams that are preferred for modern home cabinets.

In-House Finishing

Our team consists of industry experts that bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table.