About Us

Builder-focused cabinet solutions.

You need a cabinet company who can deliver so you can focus on everything else. If you’re ready to increase your business, we can help you build better—one set of cabinets at a time.

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Years Of Experiences


Nimble in our process.
Focused in our offering.
Pride in our service.

We believe in the power of a dedicated team of in-house experts. From the first measurement taken on-site to the excitement of installation day, every step of our process is completed by a team member that’s committed to cabinetry that functions as good as it looks.

It’s a consistent process that instills pride in our team and trust in our partners, knowing they’ll receive a result they can depend on time and time again.

Our Mission

To add beauty, form, and function to every project we take part in, with a focused product offering and unmatched customer service from start to finish.

Cabinets closer to your job sites.

With operations facilities in Alpharetta, GA, Lakeland, FL, and Charlotte, NC and support centers in other key locations, your cabinets are always close by.

With Century Cabinets, you can rest assured your cabinets are always carefully packaged in our trucks and only travel short distances to their final destination.


One set of cabinets at a time.

Century Cabinets is a cabinetry manufacturer and supplier serving leading community builders across America.

We add beauty, form, and function to every project you build through a carefully curated selection of products that keep our process quick and consistent. This focused offering allows us to support shorter lead times so you get your cabinets faster.

While cabinetry is our mastery, personal service is our promise. We’re a team of devoted service providers, committed to your success in both the products and the process, so you know who to call with confidence for every project you take on.

If you’re ready to streamline closings and scale your efforts, we can help you build more nimbly—one set of cabinets at a time.

Backed by Our Family of Companies

Century Cabinets is a part of the Edge Building Solutions family, a group of incredible visionaries and craftspeople providing design-build solutions for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. From staircases to cabinetry, our companies create solid structures that leave a lasting impression.

Every space begins with an idea and requires a vision and precision to bring it to life. It’s a partnership. It’s an art form. And it’s the type of honest work that has earned us a reputation of trust and mastery.

Our success is a result of our devotion to our craft and the talented group of people who work and collaborate with us.

Pride is our trademark. Craftsmanship is our creed. And passion fuels our desire to build something lasting. We welcome you to be a part of our journey.


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Cabinets don’t need to be complicated.

Whether you have a specific style in mind or need help starting from scratch, our team is ready to support you. Reach out via our Contact page and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss the details of your project.